Save up to 19% on Your Energy Bills

As the Technology of Voltage Optimisation has become more and more recognised as a quick and simple way to reduce Electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, we have discovered that many more contractors such as Electrical, Facilities Management, and Solar PV Contractors are wanting to provide these quick and simple energy savings for their customers. Experienced electrical contractors however appear to be struggling to simply ‘purchase’ Voltage Optimisers to install themselves, with many Voltage Optimiser sales companies trying to keep the projects in house and maintain higher prices.

Because GWE manufacture our Voltage Optimisers here in Sheffield, we are able to provide a contractors solution ‘off the shelf’ complete with full, simple installation instructions, and ready to be installed by any competent electrician.

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Installation is quick with savings taking immediate effect, as the ECO-MAX-HOME simply fits between your electricity meter and consumer unit. This means that we can take out all of the sales costs and offer the ECO-MAX Contractor Range of Voltage Optimisers at very attractive ‘off the shelf’ prices.

WHAT? WHY? AND FOR WHO? ECO-MAX-HOME is the smart new way to reduce electricity bills at home and small business sites. It uses Voltage Optimisation to reduce voltage to its most efficient level at around 220 Volts. This minimises the energy that is wasted in both heat and vibration, significantly reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption by up to 19%*.  

Advances in technology have allowed us to shrink our very successful ECO-MAX-POWER optimiser range into a small cost effective package suitable for use in homes and smaller business premises including Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs, Office & Retail, and Healthcare & Beauty. ECO-MAX-HOME has three savings settings allowing the installer to specify the optimum voltage and maximum saving for your property.

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