Rainwater Harvesting

                             Rainwater Harvesting - Carbon zero UK Carbon Zero Renewables Rainwater Harvesting system will provide you with rainwater which can be used for flushing WC’s, water for your washing machine, garden and washing down vehicles etc. outside the house. This means we can save the use of mains water supply which has a high energy use and is also increasingly costly. Your system catches the Rainwater and prevents it going into the ground or the network drains. This can help to prevent local flooding particularly during storms and excessive rain conditions. Your collected Rainwater is natural and soft and has not been treated nor requires any additives. This makes it perfect for washing cars, as you get no residue left after washing! FREE Survey Request. The benefits of buying a Carbon Zero Renewables Rainwater Harvesting Tank are:

  • Save upto 50% of your water at home and upto 85% if you are a business
  • 25 year warranty on the tank
  • No concrete needed to install (saves on time and labour costs!)
  • Carbon Zero UK’s pumps automatically switch to mains water, so if the tank runs empty you are not refilling the tank which saves you money!

Carbon Zero Renewables partner with Rewatec www.rewatec.co.uk .

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Rainwater Harvesting - Carbon zero UK Domestic systems will typically save around 50% of normal water usage and in commercial rainwater harvesting applications, where there is little bathing/washing and food preparation, this saving can be as much as 85%. Just think of the money you can save as well as the positive environmental impact you are making. An additional benefit of these systems is that it acts as a storm water buffer to prevent flooding during periods of heavy rain which we are all seeing more often.To see the full range of Blueline II Tanks, sizes and Diagrams go to: http://www.rewatec.co.uk/round-tanks.php FREE Survey Request.

System Benefits

Rainwater Harvesting - Carbon zero UK

  • Low cost complete systems
  • Quality manufacture with long warranties
  • Low maintenance
  • Above or below ground
  • Compliant to international standards
  • Wide range of tank sizes

Carbon Zero Renewables have a wide range of tanks to cater for any location. Our tanks are tested to with stand 30 tonnes, ideal for under car parks. We also have one of the worlds flattest tanks in our range, which adds commercial value to our clients as it minimise the amount of excavation and backfill. Carbon Zero Renewables, visit the property you are planning the Rain Water Installation. Advise on size of tanks for your needs. We can install the tank with our own in house team of experts FREE Survey Request.

Worlds Flattest Tank!

align right The Rewatec F-Line Rainwater Harvesting Tank is designed for all ground conditions. The shape makes it easily transportable. The F-Line strikes a balance between capacity and ease of installation. Prices start from as little as £1,500.00 Features include:-

  • 4 tank sizes 1500 to 7500 litres
  • No concrete required for base or surround. This is a massive plus point to save money.
  • Minimum installation depth, less total excavation this save money and time and is a much safer installation.
  • Sump basin maximises tank capacity.
  • Walkable and car drivable.
  • 25 year Guarantee

To see the full range of F Line Flat Tanks, sizes and Diagrams go to: http://www.rewatec.co.uk/flat-tanks.php

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