Post Storm Solar Panel Checks

Post Storm Solar Panel Checks

We are advising all owners of solar panels to ensure systems are being checked. Continuous winds bartering your panels can loose over time, mid and end clamps holding you panels to the rails on the roof.  In the terms of the panel warranties that last upwards of 25 years. They stipulate they need to be maintained. Just like your car needs an MOT for insurance to be valid. Solar panels need maintaining for their warranty.  FAQ If you system is under our 2 year workmanship warranty and it can be proved that it is faulty workmanship that caused a panel to slip or worst case fall off. Then this would be on our insurance.  If a panel slipped or came off under whilst in our warranty and it was clearly and act of God during a storm, then this would be on your house insurance.  If a panel came off or slipped and your installation had lapsed again this would be your home insurance.  After a major storm we advise all owners of solar panels to get their panels checked. There is a small charge to this but piece of mind knowing your panels are clamped down safe and nothing can blow off.  If you have any concerns please contact the team at Carbon Zero Renewables on 08450 34 35 40

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