Why solar is still the way to go Why Solar is still a sound investment. FIT Misconception It’s a common misconception that the FIT subsidies for solar have been and gone. We hear this a lot and it’s not true. Five years ago, FIT income comprised around 60-70% of the financial benefits of investing in […]Read More
Artistic Solar Scheme hailed as “One of the World’s Best”
A SOLAR installation has been hailed as one of the world’s best – along with projects at an international airport in India and in the Sahara Desert. The 175-panel array was installed by St Asaph-based Carbon Zero Renewables at the National Trust’s Bodnant Garden. Panels were arranged to fit the contours of a rocky outcrop […]Read More
UK’s 1st Solar Powered Aquarium is completed
UK’s first solar-powered aquarium supplies warmth to revive rare turtle A green energy company has helped turn Anglesey Sea Zoo into the UK’s first solar powered aquarium – and the sun’s rays are now helping to revive a rare sea turtle. The boost from the banks of solar panels fitted by St Asaph-based Carbon Zero […]Read More
According to a recently poll, the number of homeowners set to undertake solar panel installations is expected to increase
Just 6% of homes have been fitted with solar panels. However, the figures show that just under 20% of homeowners are planning to fit them to their homes in the not so distant future. This means that over a quarter of all British homes could be running on – and receiving all the benefits of […]Read More
Why Add Electric Cars to your Company Fleet?
The financial benefits of Electric Cars Electric Cars, Electric vehicles (EVs) generally cost more than their petrol or diesel equivalents to buy or lease, but when you consider how much the adoption of EVs could save a company, the business case for adding them to your fleet is a strong one. The key financial benefits […]Read More