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Air Source Heat Pumps

Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump

With an Air Source Heat Pump you neither need to dig or drill. Instead, you retrieve the energy directly from the surrounding air using an air module. The heat pump is located indoors or outdoors, depending on which model you choose. Heat pumps are built around the fact that gas that is compressed gets hot, and gas that expands cools. Remember a bicycle pump that compresses air, and creates heat.


  • Upto 4 times more efficient than conventional Heating Systems
  • 5 Year Warranties available
  • Self contained heating and hot water units
  • Clean and Tidy Installations
  • Lower investment costs than Ground source
  • No drilling needed or digging

Did you know, you can recieve a one off payment for your Air Source system of £850.00

How it Works

illustration of how a heat pump works

1. Brine circulates in a collector coil and absorbs the heat energy from the air.
2. At the heat exchanger (evaporator) the tepid brine in the collector coil meets the ice-cold refrigerant in the heat pump, which is then heated a few degrees and condenses.
3. Then, a compressor compresses the now gaseous refrigerant. When the pressure exceeds the temperature rises. The heat that is then generated is transferred via a heat exchanger (condenser) to to your home’s heating system.

4. Via a condenser, the refrigerant releases the heat to the heating system of your home. In connection with this the refrigerant is cooled.

5. The refrigerant circulates and an expansion valve lowers the pressure and the refrigerant becomes cold again. The process begins again when the refrigerant meets the tepid brine from the collector coil

Carbon Zero Renewables supplies, install's and maintain's the following Heat Pumps;

  • Dimplex

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